5 Reason to Book A Workcation at The Heart of Cape Cod

5 Reason to Book A Workcation
at The  Heart of Cape Cod

In 2019, Digital Ocean did a survey that found 82% of remote tech workers in the US felt burnout, with 52% reporting working longer hours than office working counterparts because most felt the need to prove they could be productive from home.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a health policy research organization, found that 53% of Americans have had their mental health negatively affected because of stress linked to the pandemic. If your child’s daycare closed or the kid’s schools are all online now due to the Coronavirus – you have a lot on your plate.

Here are 5 reasons to book a workcation this winter in the Heart of Cape Cod:

1. We have WiFi

Working remotely means you can work from virtually anywhere that has internet. Your children can also attend classes from anywhere as well. 

2. Inspiration 

By changing your environment, even temporarily, you gather inspiration and fire up creativity which can be extremely valuable. A change of place can help you see problems and potential solutions in a new light as well. This can do wonders for your productivity and creative juices. 

3. Lower your stress level 

Simply taking a walk can reduce anxiety and stress but who wants to stroll past where you get your mail every day or forgot to bring in the garbage bins (again). Wouldn’t a walk on a sandy beach with no one around you but seagulls overhead, the waves crashing with great rolls of thunderous power, the salty air whipping around you and filling your lungs? This kind of walk clears the mind and lowers the stress levels. 

4. Make positive memories for the kids 

Children are also under a lot of stress. Without the social interaction that a school provides, kids can have feelings of loneliness and anxiety. You can help your kids reframe the experience to a positive one by showing them it can be adventurous to learn in someplace new. Teach them about the Wampanog Indians of Cape Cod or how Plymouth rock is such a farce. Years later you may hear them recount stories of how they attended classes on Cape Cod! 

5. Social Distancing 

The Cape in the off season is sparsely populated. No crazy traffic at the bridge or long lines for fried clams at fish shacks on the side of the road. We have Peapod, Amazon, Instacart, and a host of other delivery services so you never have to step foot in a store if you choose not to. The beaches are all open, pet friendly, and free. You can walk for miles and sometimes not encounter another human. The seals may pop their heads above the surf to investigate you but will grow tired of you and move along to their haul outs. The gulls will regard you briefly but if you offer no food source, will quickly move on as well. The tide continues to roll in and out, regardless of the season or the presence of people. 

The Cape offers a perfect place to gather your thoughts, rest your soul, rejuvenate your body, reinvigorate your mindset, and increase your overall productivity. Your children will benefit from a break in the monotony and can refocus their own efforts. Overall, the benefits are many. Consider these reasons and more and let us help plan your work stay on the Cape this winter.

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